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Heritages and Museums

The Shenyang Financial Museum built on the base of Bian Bank, the original private bank of zhang and his son, is a theme museum of the largest scale, with the most abundant content, the most forms of exhibition and visitor-participating projects among all the museums of the same kind. Address: China, Liaoning Phone: +86 24 2486 7711

The Fuling Tomb also known as the East Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Nurhaci, the founding emperor of the Qing dynasty and his wife, Empress Xiaocigao. Address: Hunnan, Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Phone: +86 24 8803 1748

The Liaoning Provincial Museum is a prominent museum of history and fine arts located in Shenyang, the capital of China’s Liaoning province. Address: China, Liaoning Sheng, Shenyang Shi. Phone: +86 24 2274 1193

Mukden Palace, or Shenyang Imperial Palace, was the former imperial palace of the early Manchu-led Qing dynasty in China. It was built in 1625 and the first three Qing emperors lived there from 1625 to 1644. Address: 171 Shenyang Rd, ZhongJie ShangQuan. Phone: +86 24 2484 4192

WWII Allied Prisoners Campsite Museum, The exhibition, in the stark, dungeon-like catacombs of Liverpool’s historic St. George’s Hall, relives the brutality and harsh conditions suffered by thousands of Allied soldiers at the Japanese camp in China, originally known as the Mukden POW camp.

Zhaoling, also known as Beiling is the tomb of the second Qing emperor, Huang Taji, and his empress Xiaoduanwen Borjite. Address: 12 Taishan Rd, Huanggu Qu, Shenyang Shi. Phone: +86 24 8691 0461

The ‘9.18’ Historical Museum, located in Shenyang, the capital of the northeastern province of Liaoning, is a famous spot for commemorating the war against Japan.